What is CHPP?

The recent changes in how hattrick tools can communicate with the Hattrick servers had a big impact on the community. A lot of users are not able to use their favorite tools anymore. The changes were made for “Improved CHPP security” as stated in the news communicated on 23-9-2008. But what is this CHPP? And what is it for?

What is CHPP?

CHPP stands for Certified Hattrick Product Provider. A tool or as Hattrick calls it, a programs, may only use this logo when it’s been tested safe by Hattrick. In order to avoid users from using tools that use the logo but in fact are not authorized to do so, Hattrick maintains a list of approved tools. This tool can be find under community when you’re logged into Hattrick. The list on the moment of writing this post can be found below.

What is CHPP for?

Hattrick tools communicate with Hattrick. This means they have access to a lot of information about you and your team. As we don’t want all kind of teams misusing this information the are certain guidelines for what applications may do or not.



To become a Certified Hattrick Program Provider (CHPP) you must agree to follow the CHPP rules. Here’s the process of how it works:

  1. Get a bright idea.
  2. Figure out what features you want to have in the program.
  3. Apply for CHPP before you start developing. State your features. Wait for the HT-team to approve or disapprove the program, and for each feature see if the HT-team has approved it or not. At this point, all your features are hidden from the public so you do not risk unwanted competition to that all-grand-dandy killer-feature before it is finished.
  4. When accepted as a CHPP, you may join the CHPP conference.
  5. Develop the program with all the approved features.
  6. When finished, check back to the CHPP page and choose the features that you want to publish to the public.
  7. You decided to develop a new version. Just add more functions on the CHPP page, wait for approval, and develop.

Program description and functions must be in English.

What’s in it for developers?

Developers get a quality mark and an official sign of approval by the Hattrick team. The rules ensure that all applications have the same potential to attract users.

Developers get access to information in the CHPP conference about actions the Hattrick team takes that may affect their programs. This might be changes of the format of the HRF file and such things.

What’s in it for users?

Users know that the application they are using is approved by the Hattrick team. Users know that it is programmed in such a way so it won’t store their password and the program is treating the Hattrick servers with respect.

What’s in it for Hattrick?

We get control over the development of third-party applications. We can easily see all the approved programs. We get a conference where we can communicate with the developers in an easy fashion.

List of CHPP approved programs on October 9th 2008.

Manager Assistants
  Name Creator
  .Hat3K. CAT-POGF
  [HT] Beagle (Caddy) customplayer
  Absolut Manager (AM) Absolut
  Arena Calc amiad21
  Arena Optimizer Nils-N
  Beltrick Maauwke
  BLUE bertbert
  Deep Green sylvain
  Experience Tool MD-JakobTrier
  FiloPlex Multiplex
  Gamealyzer Cyntech
  Gham Gpl Hattrick Manager facol
  haec tobiaslohe
  HAM Loke_
  Hattrick Army Knife LEXI69
  Hattrick Champion aendru
  Hattrick Coach Professional HT-Thomas
  Hattrick Control gardier
  Hattrick Forever Ophiuchus
  Hattrick Head-Quarters CHPP-Odiobill
  Hattrick Helper madcat
  Hattrick League Position Probability adrianomm
  Hattrick Manager QC6803
  Hattrick Organizer der_steve
  Hattrick Stars DorkPower
  Hattrick Tuga psapsa
  Hattrick.NET jm_aalen
  HattrickGhost goran
  HattrickHealer noreason
  Hattrick’s Helping Hand FreshT
  hattriX-files hayde
  hattriX-Ray hayde
  HT Newsfeeds hayde
  HT_Juveniles Perseo_FIC
  HTClient sample application CHPP-Odiobill
  HT-ManageMe! meich
  HT-POLA -tof-
  HTPoli goran77
  H-track the_tlo
  HT-Youth rifter
  Injury Prediction MD-JakobTrier
  Klubbhuset Evil-OzzY
  Level prediction MD-JakobTrier
  Logo Request Site rens78
  Macattrick glazed
  Match Report Aid Tool MD-JakobTrier
  Mattricks carlesmu
  Mc Hattrick nonosann
  MyBestTeam groton
  NTA Georgious
  Omega Hattrick Manager dbdbdb
  PerformanceOverview Kusco
  Phasma Brzi_
  PHM MechBurgie
  SimArena cPOEt
  SimCheeese cPOEt
  SimSpectator cPOEt
  Tomattrick Scratchy
  TrickView (TV) Xirius
  VS-Tools Joselo1971
  Youth Academie dd2012
  YOWS pzMax
Match Viewers
  Name Creator
  .Hat5K. CAT-POGF
  .netchviewer Rheuma-Kai
  Agent H – BulHM Belev
  Chatcafe and fedmanager Weer_gewoon_Rene
  Control Viewer gardier
  Hattrick Gadget JoseEstebes
  Hattrick Today (2D Match viewer) Frederic-HT2D
  HTB² thephoenixx
  HTIrssi Causea
  HTPlus 0scar
  Kusco live Kusco
  live! hayde
  LiveFox CHPP-IndianaRed
  Network 23 Masic
  SHL Stepi
  vdr-hattrick Hitman_47
  Watching Hattrick Mr_Tilde
Statistics Scanners
  Name Creator
  .Hat4K. CAT-POGF
  Alltid Hattrick weird_ed
  ArgenStat a_alvarez
  Beyond-League-4 Austria Jerome_Morrow
  Flag and Sig creator patrickbrans
  FranceStats-HT CHPP-Alf
  Ghost Challenge GM-Motto
  Group Stats Coockie_jr
  HATStats griggle
  Hattrick Chile BilSon
  hattrick Hall Of Fame hayde
  Hattrick Mexico Mod-Jacome
  Hattrick Ranking nmendes_
  Hattrick Stats WebSite abyssahx
  Hattrick-cz Rob1n
  Hattristics BerniMan
  hattriX-Ray Stats Module hayde
  HT Division Stats Pupske
  HT League Chart beebop
  HT match statistics taised
  HT Rank Argentina pabloivan
  HT Stats Switzerland BeyondTSilence
  HT-Arena bennh
  HT-Dog mikehell
  HT-FriendsStats vitrail
  HT-Goals mogito
  htluxstat Ostekiks
  HT-Monster Lobster
  HTPE hayde
  HT-Posten rankinglist Loke_
  HTResultStat RinghioCoach
  htsignature hybris0
  HTtablo Attreides
  HT-VUN Polock
  Logo Counter ceres
  LogoFlags Mod-Jacome
  Maptrick DerKanzler
  NukeStats destor77
  Peaso Hattrick Stats España Peaso
  Probability HT hayde
  Ranking copa HT Mackalito
  TodoHattrick_ Stepi
  USA Hattrick Stats CHPP-IndianaRed
Cup managers
  Name Creator
  BitHunter Cup Manager borzos
  Clash of Nations -Edke
  Cool as Pingouin Cup Manager MarcicoX
  Cup Manager obsy_
  Friendly Agent jerzy
  Hattrick Challenge Guyroux
  Hattrick Cup Manager Argentina tuzzio83
  hattriX-Cupmanager hayde alcek2004
  Kapışma – Challenge GM-LA-beawolf
  Liga XY Mistr_Moon
  Staff Cup Website miss_emma
  The Clash bulbanos
NT/U20 Trackers
  Name Creator
  [fr]ench scouting group & more… gegevert
  Česká republika NT/U20 Tracker smates
  Chilean Hattrick NT/U20 Tracker trews
  DutchStats -dot-
  England NT/U20 Tracker Minkfish
  Estatisticas da Seleção Brasileira RodrigoChopp
  EvHoluTion Adjanakis
  Global NT/U20 Tracker llankru
  Hopp Schwiiz! llankru
  HT-Deutschland TopGodo
  NatStats doof92
  NT-database Georgious
  Romanian Training Committee GRASSU_
  Türkiye Player Database GM-LA-beawolf
Browser Plugins
  Name Creator
  Alltid Hattrick Stats Plugin weird_ed
  Firehat Anosmie
  FoxTrick kolmis
  Hattrick Earth hayde
  HTMonkey kiusap-ES-V253
  PsicoTSI Tool Re4VeR
League Toto/Betting
  Name Creator
  HT Poll pLaTo0n
  HT-Loto GM-teles
  Nippon ToTo MD-JakobTrie


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