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After the recent hattrick changes which basically killed the un-maintained applications like HT Ratings, it’s time to look around for other multi-purpose manager assistant utilities. Tomattrick is a relatively young on in town.

Tomattrick is unlike its direct opponents like HCP Gold, Hattrick Manager and Hattrick Assistant Manager a webbased tool. Tomattrick uses a lot of web 2.0 features to present to you a user-friendly interface. And web applications have the general advantage of being available to you everywhere where you have an internet connection available.

But Tomattrick is more than a fancy web interface. It has dozens of essential features like

  • integrated goal keeper tool
  • injury calculator
  • arena size calculator
  • training calculation
  • graphical statistics
  • match analysis
  • opponent spy

And the basic version is free!


A €12,- / year membership has the following advantages

  • For every week teamdata is kept for training and team tracking
  • Matchdetails from every game in your league is kept in Tomattrick’s database, friendly matches can be imported
  • Update over the HTEngine with high priority (no waiting time)
  • Automatic subskill calculation based on the historical data for precise player ratings
  • Email support
  • You secure the future development of Tomattrick.

What are your experiences with Tomattrick? Please share them with us!

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moi je ne suis pas content de tomattrick cela fait des semains ue j’envoi des e.mail pour les prevenirs que j’ai un probleme une fis ma compo faite je n’arrive plus a l’enregistrer et la sauvegarder

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