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PsicoTSI for Firefox 3.0

One of the advantages of Firefox is that add-ons can be created quit easily. Due to this, a lot of add-ons ARE beging created. One of the add-ons I use for Hattrick is PsicoTSI.

PsicoTSI tries to determine the sublevel of the main skill. Does that Supernatural scoring player have a subskill of 14.01 or 14.94?

There is however a problem. The original developer stopped with updating PsicoTSI due to which it could only be used by Firefox 1 or 2. Firefox 3 appeared a bridge too far. Stijn Wijndaele from Belgium apparently also likes PsicoTSI and decided to try and make it work under Firefox 3. He succeeded! Visit his website to download the latest version.

The issues with PsicoTSI are resolved. Stijn Wijndaele his version was not allowed by CHPP but now the original developer made a new version available. You can download the new version here after registrating yourself as an advanced user who is willing to use experimental plugins.

I tried it and it works great!

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A correct version of psicoTSI can’t be found anymore online

I would like to give you one but I am not allowed by CHPP-IndianaRed.

Even if you would registrate yourself, the official version online doesn’t work anymore. I will try to contact the original developer and provide him with my extension so he can put it online again, though registration will be necessary then.

An update for Firefox 3.5 is required. I hope the PsicoTSI developer will be able to carry this out rather soon. Thank you guys.

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