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Netchviewer Matchviewer
Some Match Viewers for Hattrick.

Unfortunately the following Hattrick Match Viewers are not available anymore:

  • NeoYounght tool – The New Youth Tool for next week!
  • HTAK | Blitz – Hattrick Live League Viewer. View the matches from any league live.
  • Agent H – BulHM – Another free match viewer with a lot of features.
  • Criollo Viewer – Free Matchviewer
  • Hattrick Today (2D MatchViewer) – Demo version, will require payment
  • HG – Hattrick Gadget – Free Hattrick Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar
  • HTplus
  • JMatchViewer – A Java Match Viewer for Hattrick with live league update
  • Match Online – Free Matchviewer
  • Netchviewer – A good Matchviewer should present the facts occurring in a match in a pleasant and structured way and should make some noise when I should pay attention while doing something else. .Netviewer does all that and besides gives a pop-up from the task bar like when you get a new email

What match viewer do you use when watching the game?

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Criollo Viewer is kaput. Control Viewer is the best (but the sound the criollo viewer are better)

Hey there,

there is a new sheriff in town 😉

Just kidding. But I just wanted to share that we released a free iPhone Hattrick App.
HT-SmartViewer. Right now it is a match viewer with Statistics. But we want to keep improving the App with help of the community feedback and more and more features.

Check it our


LIvefox is dead, now there is HTLivesight, based on Livefox. Try it, it shows also lineup disposition during the match (clicking on schema like 3-5-2, 4-3-3), it’s customizable (sounds, colors, background), there is also a volume control, friend team matches added automatically, relive (classic and by event with speed from 1x to 60x) and it works on firefox, chrome, opera, safari and firefox for android.

It’s so sad that HT plus is not around anymore. Matches were so much exciting when watching an animation in which you had no clue if it was going to end in a foul, miss or goal. I hope to find something similar, but memories about ht-plus will always be special to me.

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