HTEV a statistical website for Hattrick

HTEV probabilitiesThe purpose of HTEV is to give an analytical approach to matches. The main principle behind HTEV is their self developed Elo system, which is inspired by the elo system in chess. As Alltid is dead for some time now, it’s about time an alternative is developing.

HTEV and ELO system

A Hungarian-born American physics professor called Arpad Elo created a method for calculating relative skill levels of players in two-player games.

Just like in the chess elo system, in HTEV a higher elo rating means a higher probability of winning. Every team in Hattrick gets an ELO rating assigned based on team ratings.


As every team gets an ELO assigned, and probabilities can be calculated based on ELO values, every match gets a probability which will or will not be in line with the actual result.  So where on forehand an estimation can be made who will win the match, afterwards it can be calculated which of both teams was the luckiest. Currently my luck is ” inadequate”, while 2 seasons ago my luck was “formidable”. This  was almost like it was Christmas. So HTEV gives some more justified reason to complain about bad luck than we had before 🙂

HTEV in Foxtrick

It’s easy to try HTEV out when you’re using Foxtrick. Just click the HTEV favicon  and enjoy!

What are your experiences with HTEV? Is this a reason to forget about Hatstats?

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why (Htev (Elo)) is the reason of Htev disappear ?

It’s possible to restore it ? How ?

Genferei (Swiss team)

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