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HT Smartviewer Review

HT Smartviewer is the first Iphone app to be discussed on Hattrick Tools. My first impression was really bad as the free Ipad enabled HT Smartviewer Lite didn’t work at all. It’s never too late for a second chance though, so here’s the review of HT Smartviewer (without Lite) which is also free and actually works.


HT Smartviewer for IOS is currently only availble for the Iphone. Ipad users can use the app, but have to cope with the Iphone screen resolution.

Logging in is easy. Smartviewer uses the new CHPP certification which you can manage through the website.


  • My Matches
    • My Matches gives a beautiful graphical overview of match events of current, future and past matches.
    • Also match statistics are available
  • My League
    • Presents the league matches per week
    • Unfortunately not clickable, so just basic match results and current standings.
  • Favorites
    • With favorites it becomes easy to also check the matches of your favorite teams
  • Info
    • Refers to the company website, feedback channel by email and a future upgrade possibility


    I’ll keep the HT Smartviewer app on my Ipad for now, but I’m not yet convinced I will actually use it. The only time I might use it is during the matches, although I would then also like to be able to communicate through a forum or direct message.

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