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HTRatingsHT Ratings, aka HTR aka Hattrick Ratings Calculator helps you optimize the line-up of your team. It can calculate (predict) the stars your players will get, it can calculate the ratings your team will get in different line-ups. It can also calculate the ratings your opponent will get.

Because the match depends heavily on these ratings (possession, chances, score or miss), HTR let’s you compare your ratings with your opponents. That way you can see what your chance of winning the match is. Only the chance of course, never a certainty. Still, this lets you make better use of the strong and weak points of your team and those of your opponent!

You can download HT Ratings here.

37 replies on “HT Ratings”

past seasons, HTR was a useful tool and never far away from the results. This season my HT ratings calculator seems useless: my results and between brackets the prediction: lost 0-2 (1-1); lost 1-4(2-1); lost 1-2 (5-0);lost 7-0 (2-2). Unlucky rating 5,7!

Hello ! I want a last version of this tool !
The website is down for a long timpe !
please leave a link with the last version of HTRatings !

hi i read that the program chpp that runs this has shut down for a while so ht ratings isnt available for the foreseeable future

I thought that there was a new guy working on a newer version..
is this true ?
or can I forget the new version? 🙁

now that HT have changed the login proc for CHPP all tools which aren’t updated any more are terminally broken.

including this one. 🙁 there was nothing like it…

I believe this is a minor update required to deal with a security change. Doesn’t anybody have any contact details for the developer. Maybe he’d “comeout of retirement” for a minor fix? HT Ratings is the best HT tool I’ve used.

I’m sure to be logged in, but it fails everytime…

2008-10-28 20:50:46
You are not logged in (0) Additional Info: null


first log in to hattrick and then paste the following line after in your address bar

You are probably logged on to a different server which is indicated by the number in the www94

in vista they go here:
C:Users\AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesHT Ratings

I think i was wrong about calling them today.xml it has to be “YYYY-MM-DD HRT.xml”

What i do is download the file as normal via ht ratings. The file is created but contains three lines saying something like “invalid login” (i can’t remember exactly). Then just copy and paste the new data into this file and save. Open in HT ratings and there you go.

It works perfect. Thanks very much to I can use my favorite tool again. I tryed with Tomattrick, but it’s not the same……

Can somebody tell me why y have this problem with the tool ?…i just installed it.

Run-time error ’91’:
Object variable or with block variable not set.

Kan iemand mij uitleggen hoe ik HT Ratings weer aan het werk krijg in het Nederlands en dan incl de update functie? Alvast bedankt voor de hulp

Think I got it.. but do you have 2 do this manually every time now? Normal download doesnt seem 2 work anymore….

In Nederlands…. tja.. niet makkelijk. Log in bij Hattrick, en plak dan dit achter het urladres
Dan krijg je een scherm en kopieer dat naar 1 van de xml bestanden in je htratings map. Ik heb er gewoon 1 geopend met kladblok, heb geen xml editor, Daar de info van het scherm ingezet en opgeslagen let op: als
(bijv op 30 maart) 2009-03-30 HTR.xml en die moet je dan openen in HT ratings. Dan werkt er in ieder geval weer iets…..

Zijn de wedstrijden ook nog steeds via HT Ratings te volgen? Of zijn alleen de spelers in te voeren?

Dat was het mooiste van HT Ratings, met dat juichen en fluiten enzo. Met zijn allen om de computer met een pilsie of Irish Coffee erbij slap lullen over HT…

Ik gebruik nu overigens HO ipv HT Ratings. Mooi programma!

Can someone please upload this program on rapidshare for those of us that cannot use the service of hattricktools.

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