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Marcellus36 arrived in my league this season and proposed to use HT bet , the pools for Hattrick, for predicting the results of the weekend league matches. So I decided to give it a chance…

Getting started is easy:

  1. Register at the site
  2. Choose the competiton or create  a new competition for your league
  3. Subscribe on the selected competiton at the competiton’s page
  4. Make your bet on the matches
  5. All done!

Of these steps, the first is the easiest. The site is a bit messy, so finding the right buttons to find your league can be difficult.

  • Entered bets can still be changed.
  • Points can be optained by
  • Betting doesn’t mean you there’s money involved!
  • It’s possible not to see each other’s bets. This is important if you don’t want to give away your tactical plan 🙂

The following aspects can be used for the formula to calculate betting results. Points, also negative points, can be rewarded for each.

  • Missed predict
  • Guess the match result
  • Guess the goal difference
  • Guess the match score
  • Result not guessed
  • Guess all results
  • Guess all goal differences
  • Guess all scores

What are your experiences with HT bet?

One reply on “HT bet”

A already used this tool a few seasons ago for the V I was in at that time and prefer this way over the manual way of betting in the competition forum as things more or less go automaticly, the only thing you need to do is predict the outcome of the matches (can do whole season in advance if you want).

The biggest disadvantage is that players THINK it is more work, signing up etc. and therefore do not participate.

While in reality I find the opposite. I can now more easily participate in betting on more than only my own league speding only a few extra seconds. One can think of your country’s first division…

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