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For years I’ve been using Hattrick Coach Professional to manage my hattrick team. I did try competitors every now and then but it didn’t feel good.

When this season started, Hattrick Organizer was very quick in fixing a change in the Hattrick XML structure. As HCP is not being developed at all, I was forced to try something else. So I tried HO and it worked quite well! The feeling still was not as good as with HCP, but the features breath that they’ve still been improved in the last couple of years while HCP has been standing still for quite some time now.

Open Source

A big advantage of HO is that it’s open source. This means that if the main developer might decide to stop developing then the rest of the world can continue improving the tool. Which indeed we saw with HCP.


All the features you would expect from a Hattrick Manager assistant are available in HO. Managing players, manage your training, find your perfect line up, etc.


You can find more information of HO and download the latest version here.

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