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Hattrick News Sebe send me a link to Hattrick News is a weblog on hattrick on which irregularly new posts arrive. They post interviews, news and insight stories.

Interviews are for example with people from the community like CHHP software developers and national team coaches. The news is for example an HT-official stating that Clowns are useless and insight stories discuss the value of clowns and the relation between training and injuries.

Hattrick News is a nice website with a nice lay-out and good stories. It would be even better if posts arrived more regularly as it’s a big gap between October 2006 and March 2008.

3 replies on “Hattrick News” is newly opened, it has gained permission to use old interviews and posts associated with the former community site This is why there’s an irragularity in post dates. If you would have checked the tags more patiently I think you would have noticed 🙂

You can rest assure that as it is new, posts will arrive “more regular” in the future.

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