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Hattrick Coach Professional

Hattrick Coach Professional Hattrick Coach Professional (or HCP gold) used to be is a very good Hattrick Manager tool which once even was for free. Then the developer, Thomas Linde started to ask 7.50 euro for registration.

It was not much, but as the did such a good job I thought it was worth it. Now he is hired by Extralives, the company behind Hattrick. Maybe that’s the reason that the latest update HCP 2.9.74 dates from October 2006! I think he’s misleading his customers for this. Therefore I recommend to use something else. and he still finds time to answer support requests and updates the software when necessary.

Freeware (Limited)/Shareware, Windows

Update 11-11-2007: There is an update of HCP available! No new features yet, but an update to be able to work with some of the changes in hattrick. I updated immediatly and it worked right away 🙂

Update 19-11-2008: After installing HCP on a new pc I did not manage to get my old registration in place at first. I asked for support by mail and got it the next day. I had not restarted the system before entering the key. Despite testing some competitors HCP gold is still my number 1 Hattrick Manager.

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