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Hello ,I use this programm ( HT Ratings) for at least 4 to 5 seasons , now it doesn’t work can someone tell me what is the problem or i am doing something wrong or i want to upgrate ,but if i want to upgrade from where i can find the link because from hattrick programms i cannot find the link

Thanks for your help in forward

You are not only one. It seems that recent HT updates have made this – as many others HT-Tools unusable. I hope to see a fix in a near future.

if it doesn´t work anymore,
then this will be my last season at hattrick.
this was the only tool, which has been useful over the years.
i will not change to shitty blownups like HO.

Hi there i have some tools i made for hattrick one of them is also flag coolness which has chpp approval but i dont know how i can contact you guys to add them to your nice database if you can mail me how.


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