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Foxtrick browser extension

FoxtrickFoxtrick is a browser extension for hattrick. It enables the usage of skins in hattrick. Foxtrick makes calculations and creates extra shortcuts within Hattrick. In short: it makes external Hattrick Tools available right into the user interface of hattrick.

Foxtrick Browser compatibility

Foxtrick started to be available only for Firefox. This explains the Fox in the name. Customization was one of the big reasons for me to use Firefox. But then Google introduced Chrome, the lightening fast web browser. It took some time before the Foxtrick plugin became available for Chrome also. But it’s there and there’s more now. The extension is even available on Apple.

Currently Foxtrick is available for Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeOpera, and Safari. For mobile devices there’s only a version available for Firefox currently.


Please find a limited set of the complete functionality below.

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Displays colored stars in players’ ratings, displays players’ faces in math lineups (for supporters).
  • Adds links to external sites (statstics servers) for players, teams etc.
  • Sound alert
  • Easily accessible text snippets for the hattrick conferences.
  • Transfer search filters
  • Possibility to save transfer search settings.
  • World map for flags collection
  • Median and average prices are displayed in transfer compare.
  • Displays match statistics (Hatstats and others, attack vs. defense bars)

Versions of Foxtrick

Besides the different versions for the various browsers, there are also Nightly builds, beta builds and a light version available. For more information, check the secure Foxtrick website.

What are your experiences with Foxtrick?

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Thanks! Great website! I hope you’ll be keeping this updated. It’s the best place to find out about hattrick tools!

P.S.: You forgot to add the link to FoxTrick.

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