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Hattrick Ratings aka “Hattrick Rating” aka “Hattrick Ratings Calculcator” aka “HT Ratings Calculator” aka “HTR” can be downloaded here.

The Hattrick Ratings website is unavailable for quite some time now. As a result of this we can’t download our beloved tool. I found version 2.13 on the internet, which actually is version 2.11 + an update to version 2.13. Go ahead and download HT Ratings through the link below.

HT Ratings is a standalone application to optimize your virtual football (soccer) team for the webgame hattrick. More information about HTR can be found here. Please also check the comment by LaHadi in which he describes a workaround regarding the recent changes in the interfaces.

To cover part of our bandwidth cost we’re asking a small € 1,00 payment.
Download HT Ratings 2.13

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Please be aware that I’m not the programmer of this tool! I’m just making the original files available for download.

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With the new regulations at Hattrick, I found the HT Ratings not working anymore. I hope some-one can make a fix for this. I can’t do without it!

23-9-2008 Improved CHPP security
Today, we are changing how CHPP applications access data on The change means that every CHPP program will be authenticated before being allowed to access user data. Until now, this has not been possible for us to control. Making the change will both make things safer for users and increase the quality standards of third-party products developed for Hattrick.

This change mainly affects CHPP developers, who need to make a small update to their applications. Normally, no action should be required for end users. However, if the update has not yet been made, you may not be able to use the program as usual. If so, please have patience and check if any info has been available by the developer. Some “abandoned” applications may stop working completely. We are sorry if this happens, but hope you agree that programs that handle user data should be actively developed and cared for.

Too bad. I wish they guy who developed this program release it as an open source or whatever, so we (as a community) can update it along the way.

I also hope that some kind of update of HT ratings will be available. I think this is the best programme, especialle the game analyzer, there is. Open source could be an idea.
If anyone knows of an update, or solution, please let us know….

Hattrick forever even does nt work anymore.
Now i heve nothing less for help by Hattrick.
Thanks to Hattrick with the changes. 🙁
Hattrick was a nice game but without the utils i am not happy.

looks like if they only want us to pay for the programs
HT Ratings is and was the best there is so wy want to ban this program, it realy sucks

I have a big problem with HT Ratings that doesn’t function since last week end. I can launch it but there is no result. No player, no match.
What can I do ? Help me please

Mr. ychartreuse. Reed the topics above and you see that you are not the only one with this problem. Hattrick changed data. We can’t help. We must wait untill the developer makes an update.

Hope the developper will make an update quickly^^ it was the best analyzing tool for the team… this sucks big time for the moment…..

Ht Ratings is one of the biggest reasons why I love to play hattrick year after year….

If my HT ratings will not start to work soon, I will propably end my team..
And will not recieve any supporter money from me…

Isnt there anyone with a solution for HT Ratings. I really cant find any other program which works quite as well.. HELP!!! 🙂

Hattrick Coach Professional is also OK help program, there is too a tool what make players for best places, program looks abit hard to learn than ht ratings was, but it is worth of it, thats my opinion. and HCP is free to use.. but if some1 fix HTRATINGS program i start to use it again ^^. GL&HF fellas! Let Hattrick live for ever!!

I loved HT Ratings and it really has screwed things not to have it. I also use Hattrick Coach Professional, but it lacks some of the features of HT Ratings. I think it is unfair that due to Hattrick changing things, suddenly team owners are thrown into disadvantage.

I have been using htratings since a very long while, 2004 I believe. I had contact through htmail before with the developper but I believe he stopped hattrick so we better not count on any update being done..nevertheless I will check once.

Especially the ratings for tactics like counter etc are missed 🙁

I especially liked the match analyzer. It really helped me with a lot of games and i dont know any other tools which have the same easy-2-use match analyzer.
@ dismember. If you can contact Redeker (he is in my understanding the developer) please do. I think the program doesnt really need 2 change that much for it 2 work again. Or maybe he can, like somebody suggested, make it Open Source?

I’m so sorry, but the developer (redeker) doesn’t plan to make aviable the source 🙁

On his own words:

Sorry, I don’t plan to do any development on it (as you understand), and I don’t plan either to make it available. I hope one of the other tools such as HO! will fit your needs.

I’ve tried to use the XML files obtained with another tool, by copying it on htratings directory, but it didn’t works. Maybe i’m mistaking something.

Hmm… not really very nice. If he doesnt want to do it himself, why then not open source? A shame.

I really mis the match analyzer of HT, does anybody know a tool which is as sample and as good as HT. So you can create the best strategy for your next game

When I put my username and security code in my ht-ratings the program showed me that they downloaded everything. But I don’t see any players in my squad. What I did wrong? I hope somebody can help me.

regards, romboud

deAR romboud,

If you had taken the time to read the comments above, you would have read that everybody here is having the same problem. So please nxt time, either ad something usefull or don´t bother at all.

with kind regads,

HT RAting user

@Mr Nuno Alves
I’m using a third party for making the download available so I’m not able to roll the service out to portugal myself. They are however rolling the services out over Europe very rapidly so I hope it will be available in Portugal very soon!


Als ik wil inloggen op HT Ratings komt er steeds dit te staan: Connection to time-out or Hattrick unreachable. Please check you settings or try again later.

Kan iemand mij hiermee helpen?

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