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In an editorial of November 8th 2010, hattrick opened the doors for CHPP 2.0. One of the most appreciated features is the new authentication system which allows you to manage program authorizations from within hattrick.

Here’s the editorial from

There is much more to Hattrick than the game found on this website, and one of the best examples of this are the great programs and web sites developed by the community for the community. Today, it is time to announce a much anticipated restart of our CHPP third party developer program. This means more opportunities for developers, and that new developers can get started on applications for the first time in several years. In turn, this means new and interesting tools for you as a user. We are also introducing a new and safer way to let CHPP programs access your team data.

Since the very early days of Hattrick, users have built their own programs and web sites to improve the Hattrick experience. In the 90s we started to provide ways for these creative minds to download team data so that it could be better organized and analyzed. As Hattrick grew, so did the undergrowth of manager assistant software, statistics sites, live viewers and everything else. In 2001, we started a formal network for developers which we called CHPP (Certified Hattrick Product Providers). As Hattrick grew, so did CHPP, and what had initially been a way for us to focus on the core site, through letting users build all the stuff we didn’t have time for, eventually became quite a big enterprise of its own. In 2006 we decided to temporarily shut CHPP down to new applications – a temporary closure that ended up lasting four long years.

Through all this time, CHPP programs had remained a important part of Hattrick, enjoyed by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of users. For this we are very happy to announce CHPP 2.0, a restart of the network, which will include the following:

* All CHPP programs will start using a new authentication scheme when they access your team. In this system, you will always stay in control of which CHPP applications will be able to access your team and what data they will see. It will no longer be necessary to share the security code with CHPP developers – all permissions will be given inside Hattrick. Existing CHPP programs will be given 6 months to change to the new system.

* The new CHPP portal will make it much easier to find the applications and services which are right for you. This also gives CHPP developers a better way to promote their work inside Hattrick.

* We are making new XML data available to CHPP developers, which will mean new features for you. It will also be possible to use the CHPP interface for managing your team through external applications. The first step has been taken through our own Facebook application, where you will now be able to search for and arrange friendlies.

* We have updated our policies and rules regarding CHPP, to make the whole process smoother both for developers and ourselves. Clearer rules, less delays, less restrictions on what can be developed (mobile apps are now allowed!), and easier enforcement with those few programs that do not follow the rules.

* Last but not least, with the reopening of CHPP we are committed to keep improving the CHPP network, as we think it is a fantastic aspect of the Hattrick community. We really want to encourage new ideas and projects as this can only make Hattrick more exciting. And for those of you that still haven’t discovered CHPP, take some time to do so – there are plenty of good applications already available, and plenty more to follow.

Whether you’ve heard of CHPP or not, you can see what products are already available


More about CHPP can be found here.

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Check out the new free HT-SmartViewer. It’s an iPhone App for Hattrick and it’s developed under CHPP 2.0 licence with OAuth support.

As of now the App has a match viewer, tons of stats, league and a favorite feature.

Please check it out and give us feedback at


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