Browser plugins

Browser Plugins

Foxtrick Chrome ExtensionBrowser plugins can add functionality to the game right in your browser. Please find some useful examples below:

  • FoXRay – Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick – Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • FoxTrick – Foxtrick
  • FoxTrick for Chrome – Foxtrick for Chrome
  • hattriX-Ray – Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension – Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • HTMonkey – Userscript for GreaseMonkey (firefox/mozilla extension). Adds shortcuts to friends’ teams.
  • HTPE – Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension
  • LiveFox – Firefox extension for Hattrick live matches
  • PsicoTSI – Extension for determining skill decimals – Now part of Foxtrick

Unfortunately the following browser plugins for Hattrick passed away…

  • Blue Hattrick Redesign – CSS file for Opera, Firefox and other modern browsers
  • Chat Kick – Chatting on Hattrick
  • CupInspector – Compare cup to league lineup for double positioned players
  • Firehat – Firefox extension for Hattrick
  • HTRatings Translator – Firefox and Mozilla extension for viewing old and new match ratings combined
  • Magic Youthpull – A very special youthpull experience
  • SkillRaise Tool – Firefox extension for estimating skill level
  • vHattrick – Skill Trading extension from vHattrick

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