Browser plugins

Browser Plugins

Foxtrick Chrome ExtensionBrowser plugins can add functionality to the game right in your browser where the games is. Please find some useful examples below and also check the info in this link

  • FoXRay – Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick – Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • FoxTrick – Foxtrick
  • FoxTrick for Chrome – Foxtrick for Chrome
  • hattriX-Ray – Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension – Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • HTMonkey – Userscript for GreaseMonkey (firefox/mozilla extension). Adds shortcuts to friends’ teams.
  • HTPE – Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension
  • LiveFox – Firefox extension for Hattrick live matches
  • PsicoTSI – Extension for determining skill decimals – Now part of Foxtrick

Unfortunately the following browser plugins for Hattrick passed away…

  • Blue Hattrick Redesign – CSS file for Opera, Firefox and other modern browsers
  • Chat Kick – Chatting on Hattrick
  • CupInspector – Compare cup to league lineup for double positioned players
  • Firehat – Firefox extension for Hattrick
  • HTRatings Translator – Firefox and Mozilla extension for viewing old and new match ratings combined
  • Magic Youthpull – A very special youthpull experience
  • SkillRaise Tool – Firefox extension for estimating skill level
  • vHattrick – Skill Trading extension from vHattrick

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